Most Thessalonians know Giannis Kyriakidis. They have seen him photographing events, parades, protest marches, formal events, carrying his ladder -which has become, along with his cigar, his public image trademark- to arrange the people standing in front of his lens, even the most official.

One could narrate many stories about this photographer who has marked the history of Thessaloniki, recording it as an observer and master of pictures. We preferred to let others speak about him, initially the images, then the people who are somehow involved, and finally let him speak. To observe this scene and make a documentary film about Giannis Kyriakidis.

The cultivation of traditional seeds is diminishing more and more in countries all over the world. A movement of global scale has already begun, to preserve seeds as they used to be in the old days. The question is why should we insist on cultivating traditional seeds nowadays?

The answer to this question is given by the Federation of local Associations of Peliti, managed by Panagiotis Sainatoudis and his wife, at the Peliti estate, in Mesochori Paranestiou in Drama. A chance meeting with Panayiotis was the cause to make this film. The research has been done by Yiannis Fragoulis and the direction by Anastasia Christoforidou.

The movement of the Indignants began in Spain and spread first across Europe and then around the world. A slogan which was written in Spain, addressed to the Greeks, was enough to ignite the fire and stir up the stagnant water of doubt, to question the political activity in Greece. The Indignant in Greece became a movement and raised their voice, outside political parties, and without being directed by a political entity.