(Corporate Profile-Industrial Film), for participation in exhibitions with video projection screen or for use on websites , aimed at corporate presentation and promotion of your company (see the video mentioned in this issue).

Inspired by your idea we will organize everything and end up with an integrated production, thereby ensuring the presentation of a complete Concept.

Research, brainstorming, proposals and design of an advertising concept, with maximum efficiency of your display.

We undertake shooting with our latest digital cameras, catering to all your needs, whether for your archives, for presentation at a fair, for various activities or for educational purposes.

Customized production of your documentaries: educational, industrial, touristic and other, ensuring the most comprehensive view of your subject.

Short films of Anastasia Christoforidou from 1997 to 1999, produced in Switzerland and Germany, awarded at various festivals (see: PROFILE).

Production and execution of your proposed idea, and writing of the script for your short or long movie, fiction or documentary. Our company works with you to shape your idea into the best possible script. We undertake the casting, the filming locations, the production, postproduction, as well shooting and directing your movie.

Editing of the shooting (video and audio) with our latest digital equipment and connecting them through Macintosh (MAC) editing software (Final Cut Pro) to complete the film.

Animation of your logo and titles, as well as map handling your products in Europe and around the world, using the method of Animation or 3-D Animation, supported by programs such as Aftereffects, Maya, Photoshop.

Presentation with DVD-Authoring: click the language or subject you choose (e.g. two option buttons for Greek or English). There is also the option to play the video on a continual loop (for exhibitions).