The movement of the Indignants began in Spain and spread first across Europe and then around the world. A slogan which was written in Spain, addressed to the Greeks, was enough to ignite the fire and stir up the stagnant water of doubt, to question the political activity in Greece. The Indignant in Greece became a movement and raised their voice, outside political parties, and without being directed by a political entity.

Greece was and is the country where an experiment of directed economy was performed, for the first time. Thus, it was natural for the interest of the international community to focus on Greece. The production of films about the economic crises, which is plaguing this country, was also inevitable, as well as the reactions of the world, especially the young people. One of these was the Swiss production firm Troubadour Films, owned by Nasser Bakhti, which was based on the crisis in Greece as well as among 30 other countries, which it mentions. The cast of this series are young people from 20 to 30 years of age. It sheds light on this social issue and on various countries around the world that are suffering due to the crisis.

For Greece filmfabrik Productions was commissioned to do the shooting in Athens and Thessaloniki, directed by Anastasia Christoforidou, focusing both on facts and two young people, one in each of these cities, who talk about the financial and social situation in Greece, their own mark on this sociopolitical puzzle, their dreams and hopes ultimately for their country as they have imagined them and as they are today.

This modular film is currently in the editing stage. When completed it will definitely be a realistic picture of the global economic crisis through the eyes of young people who live intensely, mainly because of their age.

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